About Me

For as long as I can remember,  music has been a HUGE passion of mine. My mom often had to sing to me in the car to calm me down. She wasn’t the best singer (her words), and I wasn’t the best rider! As a child,  I would sing and dance in the kitchen… even conduct my own interviews (which I may or may not still do)!  Little did I know my parents watched from the living room couch! I continued to grow in my love for music,  taking piano lessons,  and eventually playing the cello as well.2015-10-07 18.31.13

I remember writing songs as early as third or fourth grade. The only title I still recall was “Secret Admirer,” obviously a cute little “love” song.  Ha! I never shared my songs with anyone. I always thought of this “hobby” as nothing more than a pipe dream. It’s like when a five year old says he wants to be an astronaut, or a movie star. We all daydream about the possibilities,  but we don’t really believe they will happen.

A few years ago,  I began to get serious about creating and singing music. That is where my journey begins. I have a long road ahead of me,  but I’m bound and determined to make this dream a reality.

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