Never Too Old

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday. As I was getting ready this morning,  I decided to wear my light-up, Christmas earrings – because I can. I’m 31 today, I can do whatever I want! As soon as that thought rolled through my mind, I paused. It sounds weird to say, “I’m 31.” Thirty is a nice, round number. A milestone. This year, there might as well be a turtle in a cloud holding a sign that says, “Lap 1.” If you played mario cart growing up, you’ll understand this reference!

Talking with my mom this morning, we laughed about the day I was born… I gave her no time to have an epidural. I was ready to enter this world! I don’t think she laughed much when it actually happened.. but at least she can now 🙂 We joked about having to work on my birthday, so I asked her to write an excuse note! I haven’t needed a “note from mom” in quite some time, and I was tickled that she obliged. I guess you’re never too old for some things.

Excuse Note

Birthdays are a great time to reflect on your life. Where have I been,  and what are my future plans? The last ten years have taught me that it is never too late for anything. After getting married,  I went back to college and graduated with my bachelor’s degree. Almost 4 years ago,  I started (sloooooooowly) writing, or at least coming up with song ideas. In the last two-ish years,  I’ve tried to focus a little more on my writing.

While I still have a ways to go before people start knocking on my door, asking to record my songs,  I’m glad that I’m finally talking time to follow my dream… because you’re never too old for anything!

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