The Task at Hand

There are so many things I’d like to accomplish this year, it’s almost hard for my hyper-active mind to focus. As my husband so lovingly says, talking to me is like a squirrel chasing a nut! I know, that in order for me to get closer to my goals, I need to make lists, and create my own deadlines.

I have had a horrible case of writer’s block… That is until recently. Now, I desperately want to take advantage of this creativity, and see all of the places it can take me! As of now, it has given me two songs (both about being a mom, which I have no experience, so I hope I do them justice), and a semi-lengthy list of ideas based on my own life and the things I see in the world around me.

My first two tasks of the year are to resolve the bridge of one song, and solidify the melody of another. Interestingly, these are the two songs about being a mom. One has a slower tune, and inspires the “pay it forward” concept. The other is an upbeat and funny song about the crazy life that moms lead.

I have no clue where this year will take me, but I’m excited about the journey that will unfold!


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