Bound and Determined

The last few days have been busy, and very eventful to say the least! Saturday I was getting ready to practice and work on some new songs… When I decided to close the window in our bedroom because my allergies were driving me crazy! As I was taking the small Dr. Pepper bottle out from under the window, it apparently didn’t occur to me that the window would shut so quickly. But it did. Right on two of my fingers.

I failed to mention that I was also in the process of calling my mom. Frantically, I was trying to lift the window with my left hand. I realized I’d get more leverage if I didn’t have the phone pressed between my ear and shoulder , so I quickly hung up, and was finally able to rescue my fingers! Thankfully my mom didn’t answer before I hung up, otherwise she would have heard me screaming in pain!

After resting for a while and putting ice on my hand, I sat down and worked on some new music 😊

Monday, I was sharing the three lines I had for a song, and he mentioned, “most of your songs are slow, you need some tunes with a faster beat.” Challenge accepted! I was at the gym later that night, and (since I don’t bring any music to listen to) I was going over some ideas I wanted to work into the song. Then, on one of the ab machines, the one line I needed between the verse and the chorus came to me! Luckily I was on my last set! I finished, wiped down the machine and headed over to the paper towel station. I grabbed a paper towel and pen, and sat down to write!

I can’t help when and where lyrics, song ideas, or melodies come… All I can do is hope I can find resources quickly to save my ideas. The only times of “lost hope,” is in the shower or in my sleep. If someone could come up with a way to write in the shower, I’d buy into that!

Lately, I have felt more bound and determined to put my dreams into motion. Make them a realistic possibility. I read today, everything we want is on the other side of fear. I am willing to face any fear, any obstacle to chase my dream!


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