Eventful Year and it’s Not Eve

It’s only May and this year has gone every which way  but planned. It seems like my whole life is up in the air; and here I am, just (im)patiently waiting to see how everything will fall into place.

We found out (just before my husband went on a two week business trip to the UK) that we will be moving to Chicago this summer. This will be our 5th house in the last 3 years. I realized the other day that we have not spent two consecutive New Year’s Days in the same house since 2013. I say that becuase, each New Year’s Eve since then, I’ve had the following thought, “This time last year we had no clue we’d be moving to a new house and state (or city)!”This will also be the first time we’ve moved outside of the southeast. To a land with little to no sweet tea (more of an issue for Jonathan than for me), I doubt they say “y’all,” and with each move, Chick-fil-A seems to be further and further from our new home. Growing up in Metro Atlanta, I’m used to having several locations within a 5 mile radius. In Florida, we had 2 that were 6 miles away from our house, and in Tennessee, they were about 5-6 miles away. Chick-fil-A has been our Saturday breakfast tradition since our first apartment in 2005. I may be driving an hour for the goodness that is chicken minis, hashbrowns, and a frosted coffee!!!

But this isn’t the only unplanned event this year. We have to sell our home. Something we’ve never done before. Trying to live in a home with four pets (one of which is practically shedding enough hair for another dog), and keep it clean… it’s as fun as it sounds. I’m not even sure how we’ve accumulated so many clothes, trinkets and furniture. It’s just two people. The majority is probably from me, but still.. there will be lots of donation drop-offs and dumpster errands in our future!

Again, that’s not all, but the rest is just more lengthy stories of how our plans have not gone according to our time table, or have no clear direction yet. This is one of the reasons I have been quiet on here. There has been a lot of change in our lives, business travel, getting sick, you know… the usual fun adult responsibilities no one warns you about. But I still plan on working on my music and will continue to post to this blog. I’ll bring country music to the windy city – I hope they are ready! I’m pretty sure there’s a good song or two about the perils of moving and living in two states for a month or two that can come from this glorious chaos. I still plan on making another video or two before I leave as well, and I am so thankful for everyone who has watched and read about this journey.

I leave you with this picture. You probably know by now that I love the show FRIENDS. At this junction in my life, I completely relate to this episode and this particular scene!

I don't even have a pla

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