Celebrating You!

When I began writing this song, I wanted to encourage anyone that felt “different” to know that we are ALL different and unique in our own way! We should be celebrating our uniqueness, and realize we can all bring something different to the table. That’s what makes the world go around!

Saying that I’m short is an understatement. Growing up, people always thought I was MUCH younger than I was (they still do, but it’s much more appreciated today 😄), which could be annoying, but you learn to make the most of it. While I have step up on shelves in grocery stores (or chairs) to reach items that are too high, I’m also able to get into small spaces that most can’t! A perfect example is the day we moved. Apparently we had a pair of socks behind the dryer. I got to be the human claw machine and retrieve them. Or the times I am the go-to for hard to reach paper jams, or being the flyer while I was a cheerleader.

Whatever makes you unique, celebrate that. Do your best, and remember, you are the only you that we have!

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One thought on “Celebrating You!

  1. Wonderful, Lisa


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