Getting There!

Is it just me, or is time flying?! It’s hard to believe we’ve been in our house for a like over a month! Things are starting to get back to normal… fewer things we have to step over (really,  we only have some pictures and curtains left to hang), and I’m starting to get in a regular routine (take animals out and feed them, make breakfast/lunch, quiet time, go back to bed, wake up, go upstairs to work, walk break, lunch, walk break, take care of animals again, dinner, dishes, music, watch tv with my husband, gym (one of these days), go to bed)!

I have been slowly tidying up my music room. Hopefully this week I’ll put up some pictures and it will be done! Hopefully. Tonight I put my music stand up (Christmas gift from my parents,  or maybe it was for my birthday…), and set up a little area to practice! I can’t wait to dive into my notes for new songs and see what I can create! As always,  stay tuned!

Yes, I realize I need a new stand for the keyboard! 😄


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