Playing for an Audience, No Matter How Small

Learning guitar means lots of practicing. For my husband… that means lots of me running across the house shouting, “Hey! I just learned the first verse, and part of a chorus.. wanna hear?!” Graciously, he listens as I perform half of a song for him, stumbling through at least one chord change that is new to me. Some days I’ll be inspired by something and bombard him like a child at Christmas, ” I wrote two lines of a new song I had an idea for… wanna hear?!” I am forever grateful for his untiring support. I found this image on the internet the other day, and it reminded me of these moments.

Size of your audience

On Halloween, I was in charge of passing out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters that came by our house. We have two dogs who eagerly want to meet everyone that rings our doorbell. As you can imagine, it would be extremely difficult to try to give out candy and hold back two dogs, while informing any scared children that they won’t hurt them, they are just really excited. With that in mind, I decided to setup camp in my garage (it was raining for part of the night) and pass out candy from our driveway. As I was waiting, I had the novel idea to bring my guitar out there and practice. ] I sat in the back of one of our SUV’s and began to play. I went over a few songs I’ve learned over the past few months, and looked up chords to new songs that I want to learn. I’m slowly getting used to playing for small audiences (I didn’t actually play for any trick-or-treaters, but I usually play a song or two for family when we visit). It may not be the Opry stage, but hopefully I’ll work my way up there!

Halloween cady and guitars

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