Music Therapy

Music has the capability to pierce our souls in a way that words often times fail. A simple line or melody can cause a flood of memories to pour through your mind. The perfect song can inspire you, encourage you, or comfort you during hard times. This. This is why I love music. This is what I hope to bring as I continue to grow as a musician.

One of the goals that I would love to accomplish is bringing encouragement and hope. For my husband and me, infertility has been an unexpected journey. I’m so grateful for the celebrities that have opened up about their own personal experiences. They help thousands of couples see that they are not alone. You may think this is an obvious revelation, especially since there is an entire practice of medicine devoted to helping couples with infertility, but when you are in the midst of it, you can’t help but feel like everyone around you is pregnant, or has a growing family that you long to have yourself.

It’s been just over 5 years since we started trying to become a family of 3 (or more by this point). To say we have experienced a whirlwind of emotions would be putting it lightly. 5 doctors, 4 treatments (to date), countless months of taking medicine, ultrasounds, and so many blood tests that I feel more like a pin cushion than a person… and we are still a family of 2 (6 if you count our 2 dogs and 2 cats). During the hardest days, songs never fail to bring peace and comfort to this exhausted soul. Even now, there are days that are hard. They seem to come out of nowhere, and with no warning. It’s in those moments that I hope to encourage someone to keep their head held high. Take this time to grow spiritually. Know that you still have a purpose for your life. Take a step back to evaluate and see what other opportunities you can take advantage of while you wait.

When I wrote “Come to Me” I drew from my emotional state at the time. A time where we had gone through 3 failed treatments just a few months prior. I longed to be back in the mindset where trying to get pregnant didn’t consume my thoughts. As I listened to songs to include in my recording, I was drawn to the ones that talked about being in the midst of a storm, or coming through a storm.

While I don’t plan on making all of my music about heartaches, I’m excited about the potential that these songs can bring hope to you.

Music Therapy

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