The Beginning…

About 3 years ago, my mom mentioned that her church (FBC Woodstock) was starting a songwriting group. She knew how much I loved writing, and thought I would enjoy being a part of the group. This is where my journey began (thanks mom)! I had no intentions of sharing anything during the first meeting, as I only had a little over half of a song (I’m not going to lie.. I still can’t come up with the last two lines… this has plagued me to this day, and drives me crazy). Somehow, I decided to just go for it. I had no music (chords, notes, anything), just some plain white sheets with the lyrics. It had been a while since I sang in front of anyone, so as I stood up, I turned my back to everyone, and began to sing. I was nervous, but so glad that I had taken the leap of faith to share. I received great feedback, and couldn’t wait to finish my song. Ha!

A few months later I began writing “Come to Me.” Again, I came to the meeting with a verse and a chorus, and nothing more. I knew I needed something in between, but I just didn’t have the words. I explained the feeling I wanted to evoke to the group, and a few minutes later, one of the members, Brad Cox, pushed a piece of paper across the table to me. This became the first pre-chorus. The words were EXACTLY what I needed. I could not have said it any better! Over the next few months, I wrote the second verse, and about a year later (there’s something about the end of a song that I seem to struggle with) I finished the last four lines.

After finally completing “Come to Me,” I flew up to Georgia to record it, as well as a few other songs. I just knew everyone would love them… and I would instantly be asked to talk about them on the radio, and bam! World tour, here I come! But, no. That’s not how it works in the real world. I feel a little silly thinking that (and now letting you know), but at the end of the day, I want to be as authentic as possible.

While the journey hasn’t always been easy, or quick, it’s still been everything I have dreamed of and more!


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