I love how Facebook reminds you of posts from previous years. It’s like an electronic time capsule for each day! This morning as I was listening to the morning news, I haphazardly scrolled through my feed. There it was. A post from two years ago. The day I recorded a song I wrote. A dream finally brought to life!

Recording 2014

I flew into Atlanta on a Thursday and immediately found out I had strep throat! The doctor gave me some antibiotics, and I rested for the next few days. In all honesty, the only times that weekend that I felt 100% were the times I was in the studio!

It’s hard to believe that was two years ago. In some ways, I feel like not much has changed, but in other ways, I can see all of the progress I’ve made. I feel more comfortable singing in front of people again, my voice is stronger, and I’m able to play some basic guitar chords and strumming patterns.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us watched the Super Bowl this past weekend. Did you see Lady Gaga’s performance? She definitely has a great voice, and I think she did a great job! Monday morning, I heard someone on the radio say that just 8 years ago, Lady Gaga was singing in the parking lot of IKEA! I would sing anywhere people will listen… Maybe even an IKEA (if Nashville had one)! Either way, everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe in a few years you’ll see me singing at the Super Bowl! But for now, I’ll pay my dues around town, or even just in my driveway! Think of it as a house party kind of concert!


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