While I Was Away

Surely I’m not the only one who mentally responds to text, only to realize days later that I never ACTUALLY responded to that person! Well, that’s how I’ve been with this blog. I mentally wrote a few posts over the last couple of weeks, but apparently my iPad can’t read my mind. I mean come on! It’s 2016, why hasn’t technology evolved to this standard yet?! 😜

All kidding aside, I have found some time to work on my writing, which has been quite interesting! Some of the songs over the last few months have come quicker than others. I’ve started most with the chorus, one with the last verse, and one I wrote almost entirely backwards!

I’ve found inspiration in interesting circumstances, and often without even looking for it. Tuesday, I wrote lyrics to a new song while on my lunch break with no clearly defined melody (which is a first for me).

I have had so much fun seeing the variety of ways these new songs come to existence. Many are still works in progress, with a number of other ideas on deck. With each new song, I feel like it’s my new favorite! I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me, and what new stories are yet to be told!


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