My New February Resolutions

Well… my New Year’s resolutions are going as well as you’d expect. But in my defense, it’s hard being motivated for anything when you just stay inside 99.99% of the time and you don’t have a lot of natural light during the work day. This will all be rememdied when we move to our new home this weekend! Yay!

My new office space will be in the front of the house with two gorgeous windows overlooking our front yard. Ok, they are just regular windows, but you have no idea how happpy I am to have an office with a view again! PLENTY of natural light. It’s like the saying goes, “you don’t miss it ’til it’s gone.” So I might have paraphrased that a little.. but you get the point! Most days I don’t even realize what the weather has been for the day. Was it sunny? Raining? Warm or cold? All I know is my dogs haven’t figured out that I’m not home to devote all of my time to them. The highlight of some of my days is just going to Target, even if only to roam the aisles (but let’s be serious, how often do you walk in that store and NOT buy anything?!).

The lack of natural light has also stolen any motivation I had to finish songs that I’ve started. I’ve tried. White walls just don’t give me much to work with. I know most creative people love a “blank canvas,” but for me it doesn’t seem to help. I need to see life being played out to get ideas.

As you know, one of my resolutions was to write more blogs (as well as songs). One way I hope to remedy that is to at least do something weekly. In the meantime, I want to come up with a catchy hook to inspire these blogs. I am also hoping to record (on my iPad) “Gypsy Soul” once we move as well. I haven’t really had anywhere to make this video yet which is why it hasn’t seen the light of day. But soon(ish)!

So for February, here’s to more natural light, more inspiration, and a lot more music!image

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