Moving isn’t for the faint of heart

We are all moved in! There are still plenty of boxes to finish going through, but we’re making a dent. My new music room  (the room that was going to be my office will now be the music room) is almost done! Just need to add a few pictures to the wall!

After the first night in the house, we thought we lost one of our cats. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, but he NEVER misses a meal! Every time we took our dogs out on Sunday, we called for him. Nothing. Monday afternoon, I opened the door to see if one of my dogs was ready to come back in, and wouldn’t you know? In walks the cat like nothing had been out of the ordinary!

Each room is starting to take shape, and feel more like home! I can’t wait to get all of my music stuff ready to work and share!  Hopefully more to come next week! Stay tuned!!



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