Never Forget

Screenshot_20170911-180535It’s one of those days that is fused into your mind. I was walking into Ms. Schintzius math class for 3rd period (just coming from Ms. Hugh’s chemistry lab). I heard a student mention that a plane flew into the World Trade enter. My first (naive) thought was, “how do you not see a big building like that?!” It didn’t cross my mind that this is clearly one reason why planes don’t fly so close to the ground.

Class resumed as normal, with the exception of the tv on in the background. Then the other plane hit. Everyone stopped and our eyes were glued to the television. We watched in complete shock as the towers fell. Live. On camera. This wasn’t some movie special effects. Not even a bad dream.

In a school of over 2000 students, teachers, and other faculty, I have never heard the hallways so quiet. For days, you could hear a pin drop as we walked like zombies from class to class; even the lunch room was quiet. We didn’t discuss literature, the Pythagorean Theorum; instead, we focused on the current events and what this all might mean about the future.

Much like the recent disaster of Hurricane Harvey, and now Irma, all of the small petty things paled in comparison to our desire to care for the common good of our country, and especially lending a helping hand to those most effected by tragedy.

May we always remember that we are one nation… United.

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