Celebrating and Praying on this Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is upon us, and for once, I’m excited. Not that I don’t enjoy celebrating the mothers in my life (I love them dearly), but the last 7 years have made it hard to get into the spirit of the weekend.

If I can be honest, there were years that I wished I could sleep through the entire weekend and just wake up on Monday. Yes, that’s the only time I ever wished for a Sunday to go by quickly!

Last year was probably the worst of them all. The year began with excitement that we would finally be parents. 2017 was going to be the year that we would welcome little ones into the family. But with February barely under way, we found out that our little embryos were not going to grace us with their earthly presence.

Yes. Embryos. As in two. At 5 weeks, we saw two sacs, but it was too early to see a baby or hear the heartbeat. At 6 weeks, there were still two sacs, one baby and one heartbeat. The same for week 8. By week 10, there was just one sac, one baby, but no heartbeat. The worst silence you will ever experience in your life.

Mother’s Day last year was the hardest. Was I considered a mom? I didn’t have a child on earth, or a growing belly anymore. Would I ever get the exciting news that we were expecting again? Should I let myself indulge in the emotions if we did?

At long last, we did in fact receive the wonderful news that we were expecting again. We did remain a little cautious at the beginning, not even letting our parents know until we were 12 weeks along! I second guessed every feeling, or day without a “symptom” along the way.

After 3 LONG days of labor and an emergency c-section later, Mason came into the world!

This Mother’s Day is one for the books for sure. I’m filled with joy, but I also remember those that are still longing, still hoping to finally hold a child in their arms.

For all of the mother’s in waiting, I’m praying for you and thinking about you this weekend!

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