Culver Project Update

To say it’s been a while since I’ve blogged is an understatement! The last year or so has been crazy, and I haven’t figured out how to work, be a mom, a wife, and write. One of the reasons that I chose the name, “The Culver Project” was because I knew that name could grow with me as life took me down new paths. I’ll never lose my passion for music, but there will be times where family becomes my new “project.” And hopefully there will be plenty of days where the two can intersect and work hand in hand!

Becoming a mom has given me inspiring words and emotions for future songs… once I have a moment to myself so that I can work out the rest! I have made notes either in my memo app or simply jotting them down on any piece of paper that I can find (I don’t ever think that I’ll stop writing down random ideas or lyric lines). In case I haven’t mentioned… here is what the last year of my life has been:

In late March (after 3 days of laboring), we were blessed with a sweet (9 pound) baby boy! He spent 5 days in NICU, and then we were finally able to bring him home! He’s already traveled to South Carolina… twice! Once to Hilton Head for vacation and once to Augusta. He also went on his fist family business trip to Tennessee! my husband had to travel for work, so we tagged along and I brought him to my office in Brentwood.


Toward the end of August, we added a puppy to the mix! I missed having a big dog around, and we knew some people close to us that had some puppies (Baxter is a yellow lab)! Did I mention that my husband had left for 10 days on a mission trip the day I brought the puppy home? No? Well… you’ll find out what you’re made of if you make a similar decision.. but in the end, Baxter is a great addition to our family! Our son thinks he’s hilarious, and he’s learning so much from his puppy training!


I’m always up for a challenge when it comes to writing! I really want to get back in the groove and write songs. Music is my therapy and I hope that you’ve enjoyed the ones that I’ve shared! Here’s to an ongoing project; whether music, parenting, working… no matter where life takes me, there will always be a project!

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